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PAHANG was given different types of name many centuries ago. A chinese writer used to call it Pang-Hang and many more. Certain people said that Pahang was originated from the language of Siamese aboriginies tribe that means 'ore'. Besides, an old Malay story said that a large 'Mahang' tree fell across the river and thus the name 'Pahang' originated.

Pahang Flag, MalaysiaThe Pahang flag was originally made in a full black color where it simbolizes the might and greatness of the Bendahara who are able to held the appointment at the behest of the Sultans of Johor-Riau Empire. Pahang was formerly a part of this great empire and in 1880's, Bendahara Wan Ahmad had proclaimed himself as the Sultan of Pahang where the royal white color was being added to the flag to mark the rise of his status. Therefore, the current flag consists of 2 equally horizontal stripes of black and white. Currently, the white color are being known to represent the Ruler while the Black represents the citizens or known as "rakyat" in Bahasa Malaysia.

Pahang Emblem, MalaysiaThe State symbol is made of a head of the spear, where it is one of the components in the State regalia. This head of spear, symbolizes the sovereignity of the Ruler himself. When observed properly, the head of spear himself does not commensurate with its length because it is meant to be representing the shape of a coffee-tree leaf. This is because, Sultan Ahmad, a previous Pahang ruler was able to gain the throne of Pahang foresee his final triumph as the result of an incident, which involves a cup of coffee served to him whilst in Terrenganu preparing for his final assualt.


Pahang, the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, is endowed with a diverse range of attractions. Nearly two-thirds of the 35,960 square km state is enveloped in verdant rainforest, making it a magnificent enclave of lush greenery, exotic wildlife and nature's wonders. The country's premier national park, Taman Negara as well as the Endau Rompin State Park contain an astounding ecological diversity with a vast collection of flora and fauna. The state also has the distinction of being the home of the first Ramsar heritage site at Lake Bera. The Orang Asli or indigenous people, with their intriguing traditions and way of life, add colour to Pahang's heritage.

Pahang's long scenic coastline is a paradise of swaying palms and sandy beaches washed by the South China Sea, Cherating Beach and Tioman Island are renowned as some of the region's most popular beach resorts, captivating sun-seekers with their exciting beach activities, underwater attractions and pristine charm.

The formidable Main Range divides the state into east and west, and Gunung Tahan (Mount Tahan), the highest peak in the peninsula, provides challenging adventures for serious climbers. The state's mountainous terrain has also endowed it with several invigorating hill stations, ideal for fun-filled family holidays. Genting Highlands, dubbed the city of entertainment, and Bukit Tinggi, a French themed resort, are excellent getaways situated an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Kuantan, the state capital, is an interesting mix of modern buildings and charming cottage industries. Pahang's majestic nature, beautiful beaches, bustling townships, quiant villages, friendly people, unique craft and delicious food make for mesmerising and unforgettable vacations. Come, discover this gift of nature in Pahang, Malaysia.


Gunung Senyum Caves, Pahang

Gunung Senyum Caves is a combination of 20 beautiful caves that provide an excellent area for the researchers to perform scientific research as well as a perfect spot for cave explorations and camping.

Gunung Tapis Park, Pahang

Gunung Tapis Park is a beautiful nature park and is located about 16 kilometres away from Sungai Lembing. Although this park is still in its early stages of development, the park are now able to offer some of the most wonderful and excellent camping spot.

Jeram Besu, Pahang

Jeram Besu is a very famous recreational area and is popular for its most challenging white water-rafting area in the country. This place will guarantee to provide all the excitement needed by thrill seekers in the country.

Jubli Perak Sultan Ahmad Shah's Agricultural Park, Pahang

Jubli Perak Sultan Ahmad Shah's Agricultural Park.For many, the weekend is a time to relax after all the hard work, stress and traffic jams encountered during the week for the people of Kuantan as well as visitors. This park, formerly known as the Indera Mahkota Agricultural Park, in Bandar Indera Mahkota, is an ideal place to do just that.

Kenong Rimba Park, Pahang

Kenong Rimba Park is surrounded by some magnificent natural environment such as cascading waterfalls, cool mountain streams, and a variety of flora and fauna. Consisting of great interesting plants and wonderful limestone caves, Kenong Rimba Park will be a wonderful place to be in.

Kota Gelanggi Cave Complex, Pahang

Kota Gelanggi Cave Complex is a gazetted historical monument dotted with some 100 caves. The magnificent cave chambers are rank among the best in this region along with its unique fauna, flora, and rock formations.

Krau Wildlife Reserve, Pahang

Krau Wildlife Reserve is divided into 2 different sanctuary, each for a different purpose.Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary is given the task to track down, sedate and relocate problem elephants while the Jenderak Seladang and Sambar Deer can always be seen to graze in large pens.

Lata Jarum, Pahang

Lata Jarum is another established picnic spot. It is situated near Kampong Ulu Dong and is accessible by car through 20 kilometres of village road.

Pahang State Museum, Pahang

Pahang State Museum houses a rich collection of historical items, valueble antique pieces such as large quantities of glassware and ceramics from the ancient China. This museum has documented the old history of Pahang especially those of its ancient Kings and dedicate itself to the lives of the Royal families of Pahang.

Rompin-lanjut Beach, Pahang

Rompin / Lanjut Beach is one of the most beautiful and unspoil beaches that are availble in the southern region of the coast of Pahang. There, many resorts are ideally located to provide visitors with the best accomodation possible and this place is deeply popular for catching fresh water prawns from the rivers.


Mystery Of Nature Forest
Taman Negara, Pahang, Malaysia Gua Ketam, Perlis, Malaysia Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia Niah National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia Kuala Selangor Nature Park, Selangor, Malaysia Mount Jerai, Kedah, Malaysia Gunung Ledang Recreational Forest, SJohor, Malaysia

Taman Negara

Gua Kelam

Mount Kinabalu

Gunung Mulu
National Park

Kuala Selangor
Nature Park

Niah National

Mount Jerai

Gunung Ledang
Recreational Forest

Beauty Of Sand And Beach
Desaru, Johor, Malaysia Redang Island, Terengganu, Malaysia Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia Tioman Island, Pahang, Malaysia Perhentian Island, Terengganu, Malaysia Layang-Layang Beach, WP Labuan, Malaysia Cherating Beach, Pahang, Malaysia


Redang Island

Langkawi Island

Port Dickson

Tioman Island

Perhentian Island


Cherating Beach

Witness Of History
A Famosa, Malacca, Malaysia Perak Tong & Sam Poh Tong Temple, Perak, Malaysia Kuan Yin Teng Temple, Penang, Malaysia Tumpat Lighthouse, Kelantan, Malaysia Surrender Point, Labuan, Malaysia Parliament House, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Nagore Shrine, Penang, Malaysia Hang Li Poh Well, Melaka, Malaysia

A Famosa

Perak Temple &
Sam Poh Tong

Kuan Yin
Teng Temple


Surrender Point

Parliament House

Nagore Shrine

Hang Li Poh Well

Shopping Paradise
Kangkawi Duty Free, Kedah, Malaysia Mid Valley Megamall, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Central Market, Sabah, Malaysia Central Market, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Central Market, Kelantan, Malaysia 1 Utama, Selangor, Malaysia        

Langkawi Duty

Mid Valley

Central Market

Central Market

Central Market

1 Utama


Vacation Inspirations
Swimming, fun in the sun, Malaysia Fun in the theme park, Malaysia Pure, unadulterated paradise, Malaysia Four Wheel Drive Expeditions, Malaysia Modern City Lifestyle, Malaysia

Try deep-sea fishing, swimming with couple or learn to surf, snorkeling, diving or even a luau.

Take advantage of sunshine, theme parks, hot spring deals.

Let island paradise seduce you, with its clear blue waters, white-sand beaches and flower-scented air.

Malaysia's rugged undulating terrain, dense rain forests crossed by rapid rivers make it an irresistible destination for 4WD expeditions.

Experience the lifestyle with the hi-tech state-of-art buildings in kuala Lumpur.

Tourism States
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