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Visit Malaysia - Pedas Wet World Resort, Negeri Sembilan


Believed to have been discovered by locals while grazing their cows whereby due to the hot water, their cattle jumped away in fright. The Japanese army were also said to have made camp here during their raid of Malaya, using the hot water to treat their injured comrades. However, far from the view that the Japanese were met with, the area of the hot pool has now been developed into a recreational water park, the first of its kind in Negeri Sembilan. Although located not far from the North-South Highway, the surrounding areas are justification of the richness of the Malaysian countryside.

As soon as you turn off the highway, take a leisurely drive through the countryside, switch off the air-conditioner, roll down your screen and enjoy the sensation of fresh air blowing through your hair. Located by the main road to Rembau, this 'wet world' has what you're looking for. It promises you and your family a fun day out. If 'fun' is on your mind when you enter this park, fun you will get! All the facilities and attractions in this park are built to fulfill the needs of all ages. For the brave and courageous, take a go at the two giant slides that twist and turn above the pools. Be prepared to be dumped into a pool at the end of the ride. The more subtle personalities would enjoy floating around in the man-made canal on large rubber 'doughnuts' while enjoying the gentle sweep of the sun and breeze on your face. A perfect way to relax!

There is also a special pool for children complete with slides and floats. So parents, do not be afraid as precautions have been taken to ensure that your children will be safe and sound. For those who simply want to swim or dive, the main pool is for you. The rolling waves will prove an ideal challenge for your swimming skills. And of course, 'Hotsprings' would not be hot springs without a dip in the natural hot water pools. There are two of such kind, so the choice is yours whether to soak with the others in this hot water pool or take a private soak in one of the many bathrooms.

PEDAS WET WORLD RESORT NEGERI SEMBILAN, MALAYSIAThe naturally hot water is said to have healing qualities, so for those with skin irritations, do not miss out on the chance to have your own hydrotherapy. You'll never know its benefits until you try. After all the frolicking around in the water, indulge yourself at the fast food outlet and buy a few souvenirs as a remembrance of a good fun-filled day at the souvenir shop. The shop not only sells souvenirs and gift like t-shirts, caps and mugs but also for those who forgot to bring along a change of clothes, swimwear is also available.

How To Get There

Visitors can drive about 40 minutes from Seremban to get there. Alternatively, visitors also can get a bus. From Kuala Lumpur, you can take the North South Highway and exit at the Pedas Linggi turn off.

- Six days a week 1.00pm - 7.00pm
- (Closed on Tuesday)
- 10.00am - 7.00pm on weekends and holidays.

Admission :
- RM5.00 for adults and RM3.00 for children on weekdays.
- RM8.00 for adults and RM5.00 for children on weekends and holidays.


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Central Market

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Vacation Inspirations
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Try deep-sea fishing, swimming with couple or learn to surf, snorkeling, diving or even a luau.

Take advantage of sunshine, theme parks, hot spring deals.

Let island paradise seduce you, with its clear blue waters, white-sand beaches and flower-scented air.

Malaysia's rugged undulating terrain, dense rain forests crossed by rapid rivers make it an irresistible destination for 4WD expeditions.

Experience the lifestyle with the hi-tech state-of-art buildings in kuala Lumpur.

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